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Who are we?

Running the Business


Committee Structure

John Bunyan, Head of Coaching & Development, Committee Member

Started club and knows all players, parents etc.

Been involved in basketball for 30+ years and produced many international & Professional players

Level 3 coach

Gillian Thomson, Trustee, Secretary & Treasurer

Worked in PE & Sport for 38 years

Qualified PE teacher


Keith Bunyan, Trustee

Captain, Active Schools Co-ordinator,Previous professional player& Captain of Commonwealth Basketball Team in 2006

Level 2 coach,

Degree in Sport & Business


Billy Dougall,  Trustee




Robert Marshall, Committee member


Involved in sport for many years



Steven Shand, Chair

Works in finance, training apprentices & Parent Volunteer



Dean Serafini, Committee member

Businessman & parent of x-player


Tommy Thomson, Committee member

Businessman, previously international basketball player at U21 and Scottish University, volunteer & referee

Gerry Ferguson, Committee member

Ex-Parent, Volunteer

Stewart Dagger

Parent Volunteer,  works in financial services, father of two current female players

Poppy Duncan

Young coach and player with Cadette Women & Junior Women also played for Scotland.


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