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Fury’s Eddie Leginas led his side with 26pts to the top of the table and a convincing win in the capital. Over a close win at home in the opening game of the season over St.Mirren, the Falkirk side move to 2-0 and are starting to gel with several new signings in this season’s squad. Keith Bunyan continues to rack up 3’s and shared 30pts with Leginas countryman –Ziggy Dauksas, whose form has made him a starting 5 player this season. Dauksas joined Bunyan with baskets from behind the arc – back to back 3’s in the third to add to his powerful play at the basket. American signing from Black Hills State, Makaleb McInnis had 14pts as the Sony sponsored side had 11 scorers on the day. A 10pt lead at the end of the first was extended to 21 at the half as Fury’s pace and power were proving too much for a team promoted to the top flight last season. A dominant 24-7 third period, saw Bantu Burroughs come into the game for the first time and with

McInnis and Leginas, Fury continued to push the ball up the floor at a speed the home side struggled to keep pace with.

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