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SONY CENTRE FURY 84 GLASGOW UNIVERSITY 78 Soho Wealth Scottish Senior Me'ns Division 1 Championship

Last week it was Scots Keith Bunyan (26) and Connor Martin (21) who shared 47pts – this week-end saw Lithuanians EddIE Leginas and Zyggi Dauksas share 42pts with 21 apiece as the Sony sponsored side took a very close and exciting match against Glasgow University. The enthusiastic crowd were treated to some great basketball as both teams played an up tempo game and at the end of a close opening period, Fury edged it 24-23. The second saw an equally tight quarter with the students going in at the half 41-39 ahead. Leginas with 13 and Dauksas with 11 led the Fury scorers at the half. The third stanza was Fury’s strongest of the game as the headed into the final period with an 8pt lead at 63-55. With Leginas and Dauksas continuing to points on the board, fellow starters, Bantu Burroughs and American guard Makaleb McInnis were also showing great form, McInnis leading the scorers with 7 personal. The final spell saw Burroughs hit two threes, in a 9 personal points tally with Zyggi Dauksas continuing to find the net as Fury held a 10pt lead with less than a minute to go and the scoreline at 80-70 for the Falkirk side. However the spirited University side nailed two threes as the clock moved towards the end of the game to make it a 4pt match with less than 24 seconds on the clock. McInnis tied up the game for Fury from the line in what had been an entertaining and sporting contest. With Leginas and Dauksas topping Fury’s scoring with 21 apiece, McInnis and Burroughs also hit double figures with 19 and 16 respectively. Fury also had solid input from Zihao Lin, Ivan Ganchev, Ross Gibson, Keith Bunyan and Bryan Munnoch. Fury Headcoach John Bunyan commented to Heraldsport after the game – “ We knew going into the game, this was going to be one of the most testing fixtures of the season and that proved to be the case. Glasgow University are a great organisation, well coached and are strong in the guard spot, push the ball up the floor and have size inside, so they are a team who have the ability to do well. We were able to get a couple significant leads but each time, they pulled us back and the game was anyone’s at the finish. I asked the team to up their defence in the third and holding them to 14 was key in the win. Its great to have so many players in our team this season who are capable of putting up big numbers and we have now had 8 players this season with 20 plus points in games, that shows the ability we have in offence. We need to keep moving forward with our defence and at present sit with a 6 -0 record in the championship and a game average of 93pts for and 68 against – that will be really tested when we play the pro Glasgow Rocks side in a friendly on Wednesday.”

Fury Men are Scotland’s No 1 ranked team in the Soho Wealth power rankings with a 6-0 record to date.

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