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Falkirk Fury Basketball Club - Scottish Senior Men's Champions in season 19-20 and winners of over 30 National titles over all age groups, were delighted to announce this week that their future team strips and kit will feature one of Scotland and the World's most famous landmarks - The Kelpies. The Kelpies will feature on the team strips and the club kit and Fury Headcoach John Bunyan is excited that the club will be able to promote Falkirk and its fantastic Kelpies Sculptor at the The Helix via Fury team kit. He commented to Heraldsport on the new look Fury will have from 2021 - ' The change has come as the club have always been aware that it would be great to have a real iconic Falkirk image on its strips and kit. We have 20 basketball teams from U10 to Senior - male and female and we play in the top leagues in Scotland - so a National League set up, needs a National icon and we have that with the outstanding and dramatic image that is the Kelpies. The Kelpies stand 100ft high and are the largest Equine Sculptors in the World. We of course sought permission to use the image and I am delighted to say that, the Kelpies sculptor - Andy Scott, kindly told us that he 'would be honoured for the Kelpies image to be on our strips' and the club warmly thanks Andy and Hanneke in helping us with this fantastic addition to our club! We also want to extend our thanks to Lauren Bennett, a member of our Senior Woman's team, who is a graphic designer, for the amazing job she has done in bringing the Kelpies to life on our kit and we have no doubt every one of our players will wear the team strips and kit with even more pride! As this was happening we were actually in the process of moving from US brand Spalding, who have been our kit manufactures for the past 8 seasons to Kappa - another World class brand. We agreed a deal with Kappa, through our local kit supplier and sponsor RJM Sports and now we are in the process of getting to all our teams and looking forward to some amazing images of our players beside the Kelpies in their new kit." RJM Sports Director Robert Marshall also commented on Fury's future use of Kappa for their teams - '"As a local company, we are very proud to have been the exclusive supplier of kit and equipment to one of the most successful and well established clubs in the country for more than 10yrs and look forward to continuing for many years to come." RJM Sports Ltd. @Sculptor Andy Scott The Helix Kappa


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