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Scottish Cup Quarter-Finals - Senior Woman

Fury Woman came up big in their opening quarter with 5 threes in that spell and some great trapping defence that had their local league opponents struggling to play any meaningful offence as turnovers mounted up for the capital side.

A 17-8 first quarter, should have been much more as Fury failed to connect inside the 3 pt line but found little trouble from beyond the arc with Ailie Gardiner starting the ball rolling with back to back threes to open the Falkirk side's scoring. Shannon Flippard followed with a further 2 threes as Jenna Beattie spit Flippard's threes with a rare 2pt play. Rebecca Lonsdale ended the first with - yes - another three. The second saw a similar scoreline with National League side Fury, continuing to play their trapping game and holding Lions to 9pts for the second quarter. Beattie. Lonsdale, Flippard and Alicia McFadden were on target for Fury as they added 15pts for a 32-17 half time lead- again the second saw Fury fail to truly capitalise on the errors they were forcing the Lions to make. A tied third period of 16 apiece saw Gardiner continue her fine form with Lonsdale and Beattie also putting points on the board. The final period was tied with Fury taking the win by 15 and securing a Semi-Final Scottish Cup place against the Lady Rocks.

Gardiner who had her best game of the season, top scored on 15 with Flippard and Lonsdale, solid at both ends of the floor shearing 24pts. Hard working Jenna Beattie added 10, with Tianna Sugars, Abby Rutter and Alicia McFadden providing defensive intensity. Special mention also to Fury forward Lauren Bennet who was outstanding off the bench, bringing a spark on defence and working well on the Fury offensive end.

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